Ladies and Gentlemen! Please welcome our newest iteration of the comic!

I wouldn’t publish it until it was 100% ready, but I also said I will do it this week. Oh well!

A few words from our sponsors:

- The panels in the upcoming strips will be 50% larger
- The interface will be finished (see those tiny lamps? They aren’t there just for the looks..! Ok, they are..)
- There will always be a hidden Tappy, clicking on which will take you to a bonus panel
- There will be a few other animations included each time. Or at least I plan to include them ;)
- I may include some sounds within some strips
- There is a preloader built within the animation, but this particular one isn’t as big so as to use it
- The speed at which I’ll produce the strips will probably be lower. Quality > Quantity, mon
- I still do have technical problems.. So far I was able to trace it to LiveStream and Youtube. Whenever I watch these there’s a chance I’ll experience a serious graphic card malfunction. Any ideas on that one?

See you next time!